Miller Haris – L’air de Rien

Sweetness and white blossom briefly.  Patchouli and baby talc. Musk.

Long hippy skirts. Harlequin patterns. Warm.


Shay and Blue – Blood Orange

Incredibly juicy initially, like breaking into the skin of a blood orange to try and peel it. This settles into an almost orange boiled sweet fragrance (like those tins of travel sweets for long journeys)  fading via an icing sugar dustiness to nothing on my skin.

The initial fresh juiciness seems to last longer on the blotter compared to on the skin, becoming more orange sherbet than boiled sweet.

4160 Tuesdays – Flora Psychadelica

Part of the crowdfunded the Mystery of the Materials set.

Starts off almost boozy, like a floral liqueur. Then it becomes almost chocolatey, whilst still being floral, like a box of expensive floral cream chocolates. A spicy moment and then we have a sparkly pink floral finish.

The manic pixie dream girl who has a dark heart.