Neela Vermeire Créations – Pichola

The magnolia bush in my great aunt’s garden. The tiny flowers on the ornamental orange plant. Saffron and a hint of the spice counter in a Spanish market.

Feminine, luxurious and exotic.


Connock London – Kukui

White tropical flowers with a dark, bitter edge. Something musky rotting in the flower bed. Exotic and dangerous.

Like a Bond Girl, designer white dress with a thigh holster.

Feels like reading The Beach by Alex Garland, danger in paradise.

Beaufort London – 1805

Pepper and fireworks – like chinatown when firecrackers go off at Chinese New Year.

Lemon with a metallic edge, reminds me of using lemon jif on a hot metal stove at the end of cookery class at school.

A rich alcoholic beverage like brandy or rum.

It’s a scene from an action film made fragrance, very masculine, very strong. For the first verse, it’s Lucretia My Reflection by the Sisters of Mercy

Pierre Bourdan – La Dame en Rose

Like breaking into an box of the best rose and violet creams. Slight powdery-ness like icing sugar. Mouthwatering

If they transported the Swizzles Matlows factory from New Mills to Venice, this is how it would smell on the day they are making Refreshers and Parma Violets. Ornate and classical. I couldn’t wear it as I would be permanently on the hunt for expensive confectionery. Despite the ‘classic’ rose and violet it feels youthful and feminine. Feels like you would leave a floral trail in your wake as you walked by.

Atkinsons – Rose in Wonderland

Big, dew heavy pink roses planted in damp earth. A sweet sharpness like redcurrant jelly.  Straddles the line between jammy and fresh for the rose.

It’s a pink velvet wrap with a satin lining.  It has a touch of luxury  but not eye (or nose) catching-ly special or unconventional. You would walk past someone wearing this and think they smelled pleasant, but there is nothing to make you stop and talk to them.

Lalique – Living Lalique

Sparkling spices with vanilla, almond and delicate woods. A slight powdery note.

This is Barcelona in winter to me. The spices of the market and warmth of the woods, in the sparkling blue winter sky. I can picture this on one of the well turned out, ageless Barcelona ladies, who can put together an outfit of classic tailoring and Zara pieces. This fragrance is both contemporary and elegant.

Annick Goutal – Vent de Folie

Brightly coloured flowers in a sunny garden. Zesty fruits,something softer than lemon or lime. Powdery finish, giving an almost washing powder cleanness.

This fragrance is a bright floral pink tea dress, with purple and green accents in the pattern. This would be a lovely fragrance to wear on a sticky day in the city, bringing optimism and freshness to your life.

Agonist – No 10 White Oud

I’ve loved Oud based fragrances since I smelled Tom Ford’s Oud Wood in Nordstom’s in Las Vegas (it’s what winners buy apparently).  I love the medicinal nature of it, but then I’m someone who drinks root beer so I know I’m not normal!

Agonist – No 10 White Oud is something different. I CANNOT FIND ANY OUD! It’s a contradictory fragrance, the contradiction starting at the name.

Lily of the Valley, rose, patchouli and a spicy woody note. White musk undercurrent.

A perfect fragrance for someone who loves florals but wants something a little more dangerous on an evening. In my mind it’s the pale blue light you get on a snowfield on a cloudy day.

L’Artisan Parfumeur – Noir Exquis

Vanilla and chestnuts, with a warming undercurrent like coffee. It should be sickly, but it isn’t.

Loads of warmth, like sitting in a coffee shop on a winter’s day, watching people bundled up in warm clothes going past the windows.

Like something knitted from angora yarn, light, warming, comforting.

Reminds me of a really criminally expensive box of marron glace my husband bought me from Selfridges one Christmas.