4160 Tuesdays – Buddhawood Box

A strong oily smell of an  american petrol station crossed with the dryness of Thomas H Handy Rye Whiskey  is the opening. Dries down to a spicy wood without a huge projection. Smells expensive. Would be lovely to get a sniff of as the wearer unwound a wool scarf in autumn.


4160 Tuesdays – Up the apples and pears

A fruity confection, smelling of home made  apple and sultana chutney. A change from all the ‘red’ fruity fragrances around, as the apples add an autumnal feel.

A fragrance for someone who loves their food, but is able to resist the cravings for a cheeseboard.

4160 Tuesdays – Flora Psychadelica

Part of the crowdfunded the Mystery of the Materials https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-mystery-of-the-materials-four-scented-stories#/ set.

Starts off almost boozy, like a floral liqueur. Then it becomes almost chocolatey, whilst still being floral, like a box of expensive floral cream chocolates. A spicy moment and then we have a sparkly pink floral finish.

The manic pixie dream girl who has a dark heart.