Yardley – Royal English Daisy


Price: RRP £9.99 but there are regular offers on this fragrance and others on Yardley’s website.
Complimentary products such as body spray, body lotion and shower gel available.

Yardley were formed in 1770 and have quite an old fashioned reputation in the UK, and I hate to say this, the ‘wrong’ sort of old fashioned brand (compare and contrast to Penhaligons for example) probably because of their mass market appeal and easy availability. They are best known for their single note fragrances such as Lavender, Rose, the old style packaging and the fact that you can just picture the bars of soap in your Gran’s bathroom. I was introduced to the ‘new’ Yardley by the inclusion of the shower gel for this fragrance in my Birchbox. The fragrance was launched in 2011, as part of their changes to bring Yardley to a younger market.

Now, based on a little bit of research – the daisies in my garden don’t actually smell of anything. So what does Yardley’s interpretation of daisy smell like? The fragrance opens with the fresh green crunch of a just bitten granny smith apple, and turns into a meadow floral (they claim hyacinth and white rose). The end of the fragrance is a light floral musk on me. It wears pretty close to the body, and lasts for up to 4 hours. However, at the bargain price you can afford to apply it again at lunchtime.

I bought my bottle via the Yardley website, which will ship to the UK. The product is also available on the high street at branches of Boots and other pharmacies.