Comme Des Garcons – Floriental

Red jammy fruit, pepper, woods and incense.

Luxurious, confident, mysterious. A confident woman wearing leather trousers to the opera, breaking convention but being comfortable with it. Red velvet curtains around the edge of a private box at the theatre. Unisex, would smell great on both a man and a woman.


Pierre Bourdan – La Dame en Rose

Like breaking into an box of the best rose and violet creams. Slight powdery-ness like icing sugar. Mouthwatering

If they transported the Swizzles Matlows factory from New Mills to Venice, this is how it would smell on the day they are making Refreshers and Parma Violets. Ornate and classical. I couldn’t wear it as I would be permanently on the hunt for expensive confectionery. Despite the ‘classic’ rose and violet it feels youthful and feminine. Feels like you would leave a floral trail in your wake as you walked by.

L’Artisan Parfumeur – Noir Exquis

Vanilla and chestnuts, with a warming undercurrent like coffee. It should be sickly, but it isn’t.

Loads of warmth, like sitting in a coffee shop on a winter’s day, watching people bundled up in warm clothes going past the windows.

Like something knitted from angora yarn, light, warming, comforting.

Reminds me of a really criminally expensive box of marron glace my husband bought me from Selfridges one Christmas.