Pulse of Perfumery, Knutsford

Pulse of Perfumery

Image copyright Pulse of Perfumery


I visited Pulse of Perfumery as part of The Perfume Society’s workshop to improve my sense of smell. Whilst I know Knutsford is swish town, with its Tesla dealership and brasseries, I hadn’t expected to find such a wonderful independent perfumery. The is located on Princess Street (near the Little Waitrose) and once inside is a complete treasure trove of perfumes from designers and niche brands.

The selection of brands is enviable. How many independent perfume shops do you see with a large selection including Chanel, Hermes and Tom Ford? Never mind that these brands jealously guard their brand and will not associate with someone who doesn’t meet their standards, but to actually commit to the cost of carrying these brands. It’s not just the well known names in stock, they carry Lubin (Peter enthused so much about Idole, his desert island fragrance), Serge Lutens and two really spectacular brands Parfums de Marly and Bois 1920.  Pulse of Perfumery is one of two stores in the UK selling Parfums de Marly, the other is Fortnum and Mason (so really fighting it out with the big boys!). Bois 1920 is a Florentine perfume house, I’d never heard of them before, but if I ever get a payrise I’m going back to buy Oro!

Peter and Mel who own the shop have done a wonderful job using their compact retail space to its fullest, without making the store feel crowded. However, where the place really comes alive is the expert assistance, enthusiasm and the time they are willing to spend helping you buy your perfect perfume. They organize regular events with other businesses in the region, linking perfume with food, cocktails and art.

Pulse of Perfumery have a website (still under development) , an active twitter feed and a very active facebook page. Visit Knutsford and go see them!



Serge Lutens – Santal Majuscule

A medicine chest, almost TCP opening with a quiet hint of pink powder. A bitterness not only from the wood.

The smooth strength of suede gloves.

The woodiness makes it feel manly, but the pinkness makes it wearable by a woman.

Like a rock band covering a classic song: Sisters of Mercy – Jolene https://youtu.be/pOlPDvuI8SU